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The Fermaatti Choir Today


In a way typical of youth choirs, the composition of the Fermaatti Choir changes every year. During its thirtyfive years of existence, hundreds of young girls from Kalajoki aged 12-20 have sung in the choir. At present the choir has 45 members.

The repertoire of the choir ranges from old Latin sacred music to spirituals and modern gospel music, and from Finnish and foreign folk songs to classical choral works and contemporary works written specifically for youth choirs. The choir has a permanent piano accompanist, Minna-Liisa Kaattari. Some songs are also accompanied by various instrumental groups formed of the members of the choir.

Fermaatti has made six recordings: Lähetän ilon oksiltani (I Send Out Joy from My Branches) (1986), Kuule kun laulu pisaroi (Hark, Drops of Song are Falling) (1992), Joulun sointuja (Sounds of Christmas) (1996), Laulun silta (Bridge of Song) (2000), Tuntisin mie tuulen (I’d Feel the Wind) (2006) and In Excelsis (2012). The choir has also recorded some material for the Finnish Broadcasting Company.

During 34 years the choir has co-operated actively with other choirs, music groups and music schools in and around Kalajoki. The choir has also participated both in the national and in the international activities arranged by SULASOL (FAMA, the Finnish Amateur Musicians’ Association).

In addition to giving concerts and participating in training courses in Finland, the choir has also performed in Hungary, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Japan and France. In Holland and in Italy the choir took part in competitions, in both of which it won the first prize. In 2000 the Finnish Broadcasting Company chose Fermaatti as the Youth Choir of the Year.

Apart from the parish of Kalajoki and the local open college, one of the most important backers of the choir has been the Fermaatti Choir Support Organization, which consists of some of the girls’ parents and does selfless and valuable youth work in the locality. The choir has also received financial support from many enterprises and companies, organizations and funds. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all our supporters.